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Welcome to CSA members.

We to connect the member to the farmer and the farmer to the member. Our goal is to help people find the best fit to meet their needs. As farmers or members we know that there are many questions about how and why you should do this. The questions are answered by simply saying local produce is better. When a farmer can get all his produce to local members then he is maximizing his crop. When memberss use local farmers they are receiving the freshest and most nutritous foods available.

If you have questions about what is a CSA, where do I find one, how do I become one or where do I sign-up please click on the links to your left. We have detailed information.

CSA is not about "cheap food"
which is usually neither nourishing nor
grown with care of the environment in mind.

CSA is about each of us being responsible.
We encourage you to compare prices of a share
at your local CSA to the supermarket's "cheap food."

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